ACCERT’s mission is to be prepared for our Community through training, awareness so that needed resources can be provided for the greater good and for the citizens most in need.

ACCERT Volunteers, under the sponsorship of the American Canyon Fire Protection District, strive to work within a network of state and local emergency response teams to provide support for public safety personnel, public service personnel, and elected officials by acting as additional resources when activated during a disaster.

The primary purpose of ACCERT is to respond as a team to assist their community, local first responders, and potentially private businesses and/or state and federal agencies in a large-scale disaster.

ACCERT is designed to support:

  1. In a disaster, ACCERT members will provide assistance until first responders arrive;
  2. Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) activation and operations
  3. Priority Prophylaxis Distribution (POD) activation and operations
  4. Communications via “HAM” radios or runners
  5. Augment the local emergency services
  6. Assist with traffic direction and crowd control
  7. Assist in victim triage and rescue
  8. Assist with sheltering, mass feeding
  9. Dissemination of Public Information
  10. Ancillary support in the safe area outside of a large-scale emergency
  11. Pre-disaster training and readiness
  12. Provide communications capability with individual team

Levels of CERT participation

Train and Release

  • Have completed the basic CERT class

Train and Maintain

  • Have completed the basic CERT class
  • Attend minimal training bi-annually

Train and Retain

  • Have completed the basic CERT class
  • Attend regular meetings and training
  • Complete a background check