Activation Level: SELECTIVE DEPLOY

In response to the ongoing incident involving the COVID-19 outbreak

What is CERT?

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a free program from FEMA that educates and trains volunteers in disaster preparedness and basic disaster response skills.

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Why do people join?

CERT can provide opportunities to gain valuable skills, connect with like-minded people, volunteer for the community, and be prepared should disaster strike.


What is ACCERT?

The American Canyon Community Emergency Response Team (ACCERT) takes CERT training to the next level by hosting regular meetings, training opportunities, and providing other resources.

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During large disasters Emergency Responders can’t do it all and be everywhere all at once. You are the help until help arrives.

CERT members come from neighborhood, workplace, or other community organizations. Members join because they want to learn how to better prepare for hazards that threaten their homes and communities. They want to protect their families, themselves, and their communities.

CERTs are not restricted to disaster-related activities. You have the potential to become a known and trusted volunteer resource in your community. As a CERT member, you can support the response community in many ways. For instance, you can help with community safety projects or help neighbors and co-workers prepare for emergencies.

ACCERT remains on SELECTIVE DEPLOY In response to the ongoing incident involving the COVID-19 outbreak.

No other incidents currently require CERT assistance.