Activation Level: SELECTIVE DEPLOY

Activation Level:


As of 8/17/2020 16:00
Updated 8/29/2020 16:00
Expires 9/1/2020 11:00

This Activation Level has expired. Visit the main page for a current status

In response to multiple wildfires and evacuations in Napa County.

ACCERT has been placed on SELECTIVE DEPLOY as a result of the LNU Lightning Complex fires within Napa County. We expect to remain on a SELECTIVE DEPLOY status until September 1st, 2020.

This alert takes priority over the ongoing COVID-19 SELECTIVE DEPLOY status.

Multiple mandatory evacuations are in effect. Shelters at various locations have been opened and Napa CART is facilitating animal transport. Napa County CERT teams are currently tasked with a number of missions.

A map indicating which homes have been destroyed in Napa and Solano counties can found here

Individuals who would like to volunteer and have completed CERT basic training should provide their availability through this form (or contact Napa CERT Planning <> ) as soon as possible.

Weather conditions and smoke from wildfires pose safety hazards. All personnel are advised to be aware of these conditions and act accordingly. COVID-19 safety protocols are still in effect. Visit our Realtime Information page for additional links for situational awareness.

SELECTIVE DEPLOY is an advisory that CERT team leaders have been notified of a scheduled emergency management activity which will require extended CERT assistance during an incident. CERT leaders will schedule volunteers for the activity once availability has been determined and confirm with each individual. Specific deployment instructions including rally point, date, time, activity and equipment requirements will be provided with the confirmation. Planning leaders will report their schedules to the Napa County OES or coordinating official as soon as possible. Upon completing the scheduled activity, the team leader will provide the appropriate contact with an updated status and results of the activity.

Deployment is only authorized for CERT volunteers who have been directly contacted and scheduled for deployment

ACCERT also continues to remain on SELECTIVE DEPLOY In response to the ongoing situation involving the Coronavirus outbreak.

More information for Activation Levels can be found here