Activation Level: Deploy (Wildfire)

Activation Level:


As of 5/31/2022 16:30
Updated 5/31/2022 17:10
Expires 5/31/2022 22:00

In response to the Old Fire in Napa County

This Activation Level has expired. Visit the main page for a current status

ACCERT has been ACTIVATED due to an active wildfire 2 miles east of Napa. Current fire conditions and rapid growth of this fire means it is threatening homes and Mandatory evacuations have been issued for the area. The Old Fire began 5/31/2022 around 15:30.

Deployment is authorized for ALL CERT volunteers to proceed without delay to their normal rally point or other area as designated by the Napa County OES or team leader. The team leader will notify all CERT volunteers to deploy and provide a status report of member’s availability back to the appropriate contact or notifying official as soon as possible. Once the team is operational and on-scene, the team leader will notify the appropriate contact or notifying official with an updated status and await further instructions.

Typical wildfire missions ACCERT may be tasked with include assisting Napa CART, communications, evacuation assistance and/or traffic control. Our current mission is to assist Napa CART with evacuations.

More information for Activation Levels can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Activation Level: Deploy (Wildfire)”

  1. Where can I find out if people are still needed?
    I came home at 7 pm and emailed Michael that I would still be available to deploy if needed but have never heard back as of 7:50 pm

    1. The best thing to do is to respond to the rally point if it’s only been a couple hours since the activation went out. Checking in via radio (if you’re a HAM) will get you fast results. After that, calling or texting someone in CERT leadership is probably best to see if you’ll be needed. The reason I suggest that is because it’s very chaotic in the first hour or two of an activation, and that’s when we’ll start to know if our personnel needs are met. If more people are needed, we’ll start to check messages and contact folks that haven’t reported in (or are asking if they’re needed). I’ll look into developing an alternate method to provide more timely status updates as to our deployment status. I know it can be frustrating!

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