Activation Level: Alert (Wildfire)

Activation Level:


As of 8/13/2021 17:30
Updated 8/13/2021 17:30
Expires 8/14/2021 17:30

In response to the Coyote Fire in Lake County

This Activation Level has expired. Visit the main page for a current status

ACCERT has been placed on ALERT status due to a Red Flag Warning issued in Napa County. This alert takes priority over the ongoing COVID-19 SELECTIVE DEPLOY status.

ACCERT has been placed on ALERT as a result of a wildfire in the Coyote Valley area, 16 miles north Calistoga called the Coyote Fire. This fire is not currently within Napa County, but the extreme fire conditions and rapid growth of this fire means it may threaten northern Napa County. We expect to remain on ALERT status for the next 24 hours until August 14th, 2021.

This alert takes priority over the ongoing COVID-19 SELECTIVE DEPLOY status.

The Coyote Fire began on 8/13 at 1705. The immediate area in Lake County is under a mandatory evacuation order. Highway 29 is closed in both directions.

This level requires no immediate response action by CERT volunteers. This is an advisory that CERT team leaders have been notified of an emergency management activity which may require CERT assistance during a crisis. We will not have a mission at this level, but you should have your equipment (PPE) ready.  

Typical wildfire missions ACCERT may be tasked with include assisting Napa CART, communications, evacuation assistance and/or traffic control.

ACCERT continues to remain on SELECTIVE DEPLOY In response to the ongoing situation involving the Coronavirus outbreak.

More information for Activation Levels can be found here.